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The Club at LAS

LASConcourse D (inside security)

After a dopamine-fueled, adrenaline rush of a weekend in Sin City, there’s no better way to wind down than a quick visit here. A calm, quiet, low-key atmosphere away from the busy terminal awaits. Enjoy amazing views of the terminal, sip on a cocktail, or relapse into a quick beauty nap.

Open Now5:00am - 12:30am

Opening Hours

Sunday5:00am - 12:30amMonday5:00am - 12:30amTuesday5:00am - 12:30amWednesday5:00am - 12:30amThursday5:00am - 12:30amFriday5:00am - 12:30amSaturday5:00am - 12:30am

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Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
18+ Cardholder
18+ Cardholder
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Spirits & Liquor
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Flight Monitors
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Important Information

  • This lounge (located in Concourse D) is accessible via tram from both Terminals 1 and 3.
  • Children under 12 years old are admitted free with an adult.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel up to 24 hours prior to your reservation time to get a full refund. Learn more
  • You may enter the lounge one hour before or after your reservation time. Your booking starts upon entry.


McCarran International Airport
McCarran International AirportLASLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
Located in Concourse D (inside security). Overlooking the Central Rotunda, up the escalators on the left side, before Gate D16.
  • 5 minutes from T3 Concourse E
  • 10 minutes from Terminal 1
Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

Reviews (63)

Needs ImprovementWaste of time. Full and rejected all Priority Pass.
AnonymousJanuary 2019
Needs ImprovementPretty tiny and crappy lounge with almost half the amenities not available.
PrashantJanuary 2019
SatisfactoryIf you like ramen noodles and jelly beans, this lounge is for you! I heard it was bad, but I thought they were exaggerating. If you just need a drink in a hurry fine, otherwise head to Term 3.
TerryNovember 2018
SatisfactoryVery small but they had really good, solid snacks. Worst front desk staff I’ve ever had in a lounge. Not very customer oriented.
AnonymousOctober 2018
Needs ImprovementTiny. Screaming child. Screaming mother. Minimum snacks. Hot. Furniture not designed for comfort. Ugh.
JohnOctober 2018
SatisfactoryThis lounge is as basic as they come. Centurion was at max capacity and this was a bad alternative. Staffed by two people who couldn’t keep up with demand. Basic snacks. This is NOT solid.
AnonymousOctober 2018
Needs ImprovementWhat’s the point? Walked in and out in about 15 seconds.
David October 2018
Needs ImprovementVery basic, hot, tiny lounge with just popcorn and pretzels. Skip it.
cboyJuly 2018
Needs ImprovementIf you’re looking for food, only the lounge in Concourse E serves it. The Concourse D lounge is minuscule and only offers popcorn, drinks and coffee. Should be reclassified as “basic”.
DarioApril 2018
Needs ImprovementExtremely basic lounge - hotter than the sun inside and doesn’t smell great either. Very small, food options abysmal. If I had had to pay money for this, I would be extremely angry!
AnonymousMarch 2018
Worth a DetourI’m not sure what the other reviews had a problem with. Quiet, comfortable, and has an espresso machine! Have a membership through credit card, well worth the tram ride from the C concourse.
AmeliaFebruary 2018
Needs ImprovementNot worth the purchase. Should be $15.00 access fee.
Pete February 2018
Needs ImprovementIf you have to pay to use this lounge, don't. It's the least impressive lounge I've ever been to.... Delta, if you're listening, please build a Sky Club at LAS!
ChrisJanuary 2018
Needs ImprovementA lounge away from the foot traffic for sure, however, the customer service was some of the worst around. The same individual checking people in was also working the bar. Cup of noodles and Oreos!
AnonymousJanuary 2018
Needs ImprovementPoor selection of snacks, tables not cleared, barely any seating, staff were not friendly. The bar appeared well stocked but the spread was sad. Cup of noodles and Oreos. Wouldn’t bother coming back.
AnonymousJanuary 2018
SatisfactoryIt’s okay but not the best. If you need a quick rest before or after your flight you will be fine but if you are looking for quality and a private bathroom this is not your spot.
PeterDecember 2017
SatisfactoryStopped here because there are no Sky Clubs at LAS. Not much of an improvement from sitting at the gate. No bathroom, cheap snacks, no dedicated WiFi, small space. Amex Platinum go to Centurion lounge.
Q V TruongNovember 2017
Needs ImprovementVery basic compared to the Amex lounge.
AnonymousOctober 2017
Needs ImprovementThis lounge is very small. I ended up coming here one night after the Centurion Lounge closed, since The Club is open later. No private restroom, not a ton of seating. Furniture is worn, layout is bad.
MichaelSeptember 2017
Worth a DetourOnly knock is no bathroom. While it is small, I have never felt crowded here.
RickAugust 2017
Needs ImprovementWe decided to sit in the terminal, it's better. The lounge was poorly laid out, with tables not cleared after people had clearly left. The worst lounge I've been to.
GaryAugust 2017
SatisfactoryNothing great but OK enough. Quite small and can get cramped. Decent bar. Snacks consist of a few diff types of popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, chips, nuts and some fruit.
JoeJuly 2017
Needs ImprovementNot worth your time. There isn't even a bathroom.
AnonymousJuly 2017
Needs ImprovementSmall lounge, staff is friendly, but snack option is inexistant. Used the one in Terminal 3, they had sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, cheeses, soups. No proteins here, just popcorn and chips.
JonathanJuly 2017
Needs ImprovementVisited the lounge around 10:30 PM on May 21. There was no attendant at the bar. The trash containers were overflowing. The hot water dispenser was empty.
AnonymousMay 2017
Worth a DetourSmall lounge, friendly staff but no restrooms inside.
AnonymousMay 2017
Worth a DetourThere wasn't too much food but the service was good along with the drink selection. They don't do all the freemiums like united et al do with their lounges which is nice for a change!
AnonymousMay 2017
Worth a DetourIt's way smaller than you would ever expect. Maybe 1,000 sqft quiet. Nice staff.
MikeMay 2017
SatisfactoryFairly small lounge with no restroom, no private wifi (directs use of airport wifi), but that wifi was reliable and the snack selection was good, bar well stocked & staff cleaned often.
RobertFebruary 2017
Worth a DetourIf the Centurion is crowded & you want some quiet, this is a nice place to stop. There's a bar counter w/stools & plugs so you can work on your laptop easily. Staff is super nice.
AnonymousDecember 2016
SatisfactoryVery basic lounge, not worth the effort unless you are departing from concourse D. Small seating area with sofa and the rest is hard uncomfortable chairs. Good drink selection, no hot food or bathroom.
SteveDecember 2016
Worth a DetourA quiet lounge with two rooms: a main area with snacks/bar/front desk and a separate room with work spaces. Staff was friendly, and the main limitation for the lounge is its small size.
JohnDecember 2016
Needs ImprovementSuper small. A few snacks, but nothing hot. If you have access to the Centurion Lounge, I recommend you skip this lounge. The drink selection is good.
MatthewNovember 2016
Worth a DetourGood, but small. No hot items, but decent snacks. Ok if you're already in the terminal, but don't go out of your way.
AnonymousNovember 2016
Worth a DetourThere were only 2 other people in there when we arrived at 7am on a Wednesday. Nothing fancy but nice to get away from the crowds and noise at the gate. Entered with Priority Pass.
AnonymousSeptember 2016
SatisfactoryModern looking lounge but is extremely small. Seating for maybe 25 people. There's a small bar with a good selection but snacks are very limited.
LevellAugust 2016
Needs ImprovementNo bathroom! Very few power plugs. Too small for a high volume airport.
AnonymousJuly 2016
SatisfactoryNice staff. I came late so not sure if there's supposed to be more food options available. Good alcohol selection.
MichaelApril 2016
OutstandingAmazing staff. Small space but layout is fine. Definitely worth $35 if you want to relax away from the masses.
Michael VitaloMarch 2016
Worth a DetourBooked via LoungeBuddy. Small but quiet, clean, friendly place. Good snacks and seemed like a well stocked bar.
TimMarch 2016
Worth a DetourThis tiny lounge can be 1-3 stars depending on when you access - I'm giving 3 since now it's really quiet and there's super nice lady hosting. Decent open bar selection, bring your own burrito.
MiikkaFebruary 2016
OutstandingWonderful little lounge. Small but cozy. The staff were great. Good fruit/snack selections. I totally recommend it.
RicardoJanuary 2016
Needs ImprovementMake sure you go to the same lounge in Terminal 3. The 1 in terminal 1 has no showers and only popcorn and chips/fruit to eat. There isn't even a restroom in this one :(
Sven WolpertJanuary 2016
OutstandingExcellent service from Jeff! I asked him for a few things while here and he was totally on top of the service. Limited snacks available, good bar, quiet, and comfortable.
AnonymousJanuary 2016
Worth a DetourPretty basic. No dedicated wifi but staff was friendly. Tea, coffee, oatmeal, cup of noodles, chips, and fruits in the morning.
AngelaJanuary 2015
OutstandingGreat small lounge. Tasty snacks. Great bar. Nice staff. And open late, so good to bounce over here after Centurion closes. God, I sound like a lounge geek.
AnonymousDecember 2015
Worth a DetourIt's a small lounge but since I gave up my Amex Platinum in favor of Citi Prestige, this lounge is a nice consolation if you can't access the Centurion Lounge anymore. Popcorn bar is fun and open bar.
BrianNovember 2015
SatisfactoryFor $35, it was decent. Good selection of drinks, however, no food, bathrooms or showers. Seating is not comfortable. If you're an AMEX cardholder go to the Centurion and pay the extra $15.
Jason EscovarNovember 2015
SatisfactoryA pleasant place to relax, get some beverages and snacks, and wifi. The staff was very friendly, but this is a basic lounge. No restroom inside lounge! Snacks are basic. Result is slightly overpriced.
Joseph KovalickOctober 2015
Needs ImprovementQuality snacks would be appreciated.
AnonymousOctober 2015
OutstandingI love this little lounge. Popcorn bar rocks. Well stocked bar and ample snacks. While it's a far stretch from, say, an Emirates first class lounge, it's quaintness and friendly staff make it 4 stars.
DarrelOctober 2015
OutstandingI was in this lounge for like 7 hours on a long delay and it was very comfortable and convenient. The staff was attentive and for $35 it was definitely worth it.
NickJuly 2015
SatisfactoryQuaint little lounge, light snacks and limited drinks. Very clean and friendly service. Outlets everywhere :)
NickApril 2015
Worth a DetourIf the Centurion Lounge is really crowded (like on Sundays), the Club is a great place to get some quiet & away from the crowds.
CalMarch 2015
SatisfactorySmall lounge that is separated into two rooms. One being the reception/TV room, and the other being a quiet work room overlooking the atrium. It's good if you want quiet from Centurion Lounge.
BenFebruary 2015
SatisfactoryVery small lounge; friendly staff and good selection of complimentary drinks. OK for a few hours if get a near a plug.
RichJanuary 2015
SatisfactorySuper small lounge but great lighting and friendly staff. Clean and quiet but could use more outlets and seating.
MarkJanuary 2015
SatisfactoryNot bad for a quick stop. Not the best decor but had good soup, quick service and lots of plug-ins for power.
PaulNovember 2014
Worth a DetourWas clean and staff were very helpful. Little small but there weren't many people in the lounge so we were comfortable.
JurieAugust 2014
SatisfactoryNice, clean, good beverage selection but very small. One thing that helps is there are two separate rooms, one designated as a quiet working area.
PaulJuly 2014
SatisfactoryExtremely small lounge. Decent drink selection and a quiet place to work, but the lounge is separated into several rooms making it feel choppy. Centurion Lounge is a much better choice if you're in D.
JustinJanuary 2014
Worth a DetourThis is a very clean lounge with a good selection of food, and a helpful staff.
AnonymousDecember 2014
Worth a DetourThough the food is not so great, the beverages are good and the staff is friendly. In addition, this is a great, quiet lounge to relax in.
LaurentNovember 2013
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