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American Airlines Admirals Club (Temporarily Closed For Renovation)

Terminal 4 (inside security) - Closed Now

Editor's Note

Enjoy personalized service, comfort and exceptional amenities. The ability to stretch out. To unfetter. To peel away. Treat an Admirals Club lounge as an oasis of peace - away from all of the airport hustle. Because we know a little space to yourself can add up to a feeling, well, really big.

NOTE: Lounge entrance is marked by the American Airlines circle logo with stars.

Lounge Amenities

Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Premium Food (Paid)Premium Food(Paid)
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals
Children's RoomsChildren's Rooms


This large lounge has lots of rooms available. Depending on the AAngel and bartender, the service can be great. This is also a great place to watch planes.


This is a typical club that always seems to be dirty. The service is wondeful, and there are always lots of spaces to choose from. There are great views of the tarmac.


Palatial in size, the lounge has fantastic runway views, an abundance of quiet nooks, typical snack fare, and classy art.


This is a huge, busy lounge that has great views. The fast WiFi and standard snacks are good too. The only disappointment is that you have to pay at the bar for any decent coffee.

Zac 👾

While it's okay as a domestic lounge, this lounge does not match up to other International Business Class lounges. If you're flying internationally, you can get additional drink vouchers at the desk.


The lounge itself is quite nice, but it can get quite busy. I would definitely recommend against the cheeseburger (it was terrible).


Good space with lots of comfortable seating. Unfortunately, they don't consistently clean and the lounge can get untidy. Good healthy snacks including fruit and cheese. Decent NescafŽ coffee.

Jonathan Harmon

This is a spacious lounge with great views of the Tarmac. Also, find a Bloomberg Terminal here!


This lounge is only a slight reprieve from the rest of the airport. You can purchase bad food and use the showers here.


Huge lounge with great views of the tarmac, it has a kids area to check kids in and out like luggage jk.


A lounge complete with a nice atmosphere and friendly staff.


This is a large lounge, but only snacks (croissants and apples) are offered.


Fantastic lounge. Showers were nice and very clean, food was good, drink selection was very wide. I'll be stopping back soon. Note: this is reviewing the access-card only first class lounge area.


This lounge is usually crowded and has spotty WiFi service. However, it's okay if you're just looking for coffee and to recharge your electronics.


I was expecting a little more as a Oneworld Sapphire. You have to pay for most things you'd want and the layout is quite strange and very busy in parts. Weak after European/Asian/Middle Eastern.


Food sparse but if you smile you may get 2 complimentary drinks vouchers in entry.

David Allen

One of the best lounges I have been in. It's humongous and clean with showers and full service restaurant.


The lounge is fairly boring, but is a great place to shower after a long flight.


Good sized facility though typical domestic lounge experience.


The lounge was very basic. Toilets were dirty. It is worth asking for a shower key and using one there. Complimentary food was very basic and if you wanted anything substantial, it needed to be bought.


Large standard AA club. More private in back (QF area), and Flagship if you're lucky enough to get in.

James Menge

Been to one Admirals Club and you have been to them all.


Decent AA lounge. Not enough power outlets next to seats. Good wi-fi, typical complimentary snacks, pay for food and drinks at bar. Lounge needs a renovation since it's at a major airport.


Nothing compared to say The Wing at HKG but still comfy and showers! Can't go wrong.


It's a good lounge, very big size. Drinks are not unlimited, you receive two vouchers when you arrive. Lots of rooms.


First of all, none of the drinks are free, much less premium ones. I just paid $9 for a Stella. Food is as described here-cheese cubes, carrots and celery, mediocre cookies. Definitely not a meal.


Just switched from United to American - wow, what an improvement!


Besides the great views of planes, there's nothing else positive about this lounge. The offerings are poor in quality, and the staff is unhelpful.


Solid lounge in the middle of the terminal. It's busy, but way better than being stuck in the terminal. Usually some snacks and drinks and plentiful seating. Quiet areas are nice. Showers if needed.


Spacious with good views. Gets dark in the evening. Staff is more helpful than ORD but DFW is better. Flagship Lounge is better than ORD but not as good as JFK.

Mike Dickson

Compared to the United lounge, this place is spectacular. This lounge is huge. Basic complimentary snacks, fruit, and drinks. Staff is friendly and they work to keep the place tidy.


Wine and beer was not free. Unless you need a shower or wifi or business work area, $50 is not worth it, if you are looking for some food and drink. The concourse restaurants would be better value.


Nice large lounge with great outdoor views. It can get very crowded at peak times. Complimentary food and beverage options leave a lot to be desired, but are in line with most domestic lounges.


Large lounge with most items now 'a la carte'. Continuing the trend of US domestic airlines in their continuing race to the bottom.


Though not a particularly impressive lounge, the snacks are free and the lounge is quiet and has comfortable listening chairs.


It's a pretty standard lounge in terms of amenities, but it has a comfortable, open, airy kind of vibe...pleasant day or night.

Curt Anderson

Food from the menu was reasonablly priced. Service was good. Taking a shower after a long international flight was priceless.


As any other Admirals around the globe.


The Emerald section is decent. Solid drinks selection, food OK and great views of airport. Showers clean and very good. Best Admirals Club l have been to.


They had a Kobe beef burger for purchase which turned out to be okay, just a bit overcooked...Pretty good house red too! This lounge has plenty of space and outlets but the snacks are not very good.


Good domestic lounge, lots of seating, decent food and drink selection. Recently renovated. Helpful booking agents located upstairs.


If traveling internationally skip this lounge and go to the oneworld lounge. Not worth $50 unless you are desperate for a shower. Staff is polite. No free food except for cheese cubes.


Usually, only marginally quieter than waiting at the gate. The lounge is big, but always seems crowded. Some snacks and few free drinks are available.


Great service, clean convenient showers. Not the fanciest or most amenities but it fit the bill!


Though the drinks and snacks are sub-par, this is a decent Admirals Club with good views and lots of comfortable seating (the chairs with headphones are great!).


I get free access. Not nice compared to others.


Lots of room, quiet and not too crowded, some vegetable snacks and hot soup - passes for quick light lunch. Great view from the bar area.


Just a basic Admirals Club. Smaller than the DFW lounges and far too close to the oneworld lounge to be considered.

John Miller

When you get in, go to the right and follow the signs to the flagship area. Open space. Refrigerator with beer, wine and drinks. A buffet with chicken, rice and hot food. Great club!


Pretty crowded when I arrived at noon. I sat in the printer room to send emails :D Shower was great with Bigelow products. Didn't get a chance to try the food.


This lounge is huge. Has everything you'd expect from an Admirals Club.

Andreas Zoellner

Spacious and nice decor with high ceilings. Nice views. Good domestic lounge snack choices. Wish they'd clean the tables quicker. Overall good.


After a 14 HR flight, you just want to relax but this place just was not anyway near comfortable!! Needs improvement.


Closed for renovation. There was someone there to suggest alternative lounges considering my departure time.


Two stars since it's in the middle of a makeover ... I hope improvements are on the way as both the service and ambiance were well down on past visits. As TBIT - T7 are joined, there are other options.


Very crowded and tight lounge due to current renovations. Upon completion in 2017, it will be a spectacular lounge.


Go to the back where the restroom are! Plenty more space and comfortable chairs. Only Admirals that I've seen that has boiled eggs. Nice stop.


This is just a standard, large lounge that's very crowded.


LAX: Los Angeles International Airport

Terminal 4 (inside security)

On the Concourse Level across from Gate 40

Show travel time from other terminals

Entry Cost

No Walk Up Entry.

Opening Hours

monday:4:00am - 1:00am
tuesday:4:00am - 1:00am
wednesday:4:00am - 1:00am
thursday:4:00am - 1:00am
friday:4:00am - 1:00am
saturday:4:00am - 1:00am
sunday:4:00am - 1:00am
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