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American Airlines Admirals Club

ORDTerminal 3, Concourse G (inside security)

Enjoy personalized service, comfort, and exceptional amenities. Treat the Admirals Club as an oasis of peace, away from all of the airport hustle.

Opening Hours - Closed Now

Monday: 5:15am - 10:00pm
Tuesday: 5:15am - 10:00pm
Wednesday: 5:15am - 10:00pm
Thursday: 5:15am - 10:00pm
Friday: 5:15am - 10:00pm
Saturday: 5:15am - 8:00pm
Sunday: 5:15am - 10:00pm

Lounge Amenities

Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Premium Food (Paid)Premium Food(Paid)
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals


ORD: O'Hare International Airport

Terminal 3, Concourse G (inside security)

Opposite Gate G8.

Show travel time from other terminals


A standard Admirals Club: not too crowded with lots of seating. The food selection is quite small.


Great little-sibling of the main lounge between Concourses K and H.


Ever since the renovation, this lounge has been much nicer. Though it could use an upgrade to the food offerings, this is a good place to be if you're stuck in the G Concourse.


This is my go-to lounge for T3! Skip the bigger AA lounge for this newly remodeled gem! Travel safely! @travelblawg


I'd like to rate this higher. The physical space is newly remodeled, bright, airy. But the free food offerings are poor: doughy croissants, overly sweet cookies & pretzel mix. Also food for sale.


Not sure what the benchmark is, but compared to any lounge in Asia, this is a very poor effort. Use only if it's free would be my recommendation.


Nice place to stop before starting a trip. Easy in and out!


Small lounge in G for Eagle flights. Recently renovated, very bright and pleasant. Excellent club agents.


Traveling with kids, I appreciate family rooms. This lounge has a 12x12 room (sound proof) with a TV, blocks and computers. It is also located in a secluded area of the lounge with a nice large window.


Beautiful lounge and fast Wifi. Checkin agent was super friendly, but the bar employees were not. They didn't want to be botheted.


Decent lounge, but weak food offerings. I thought the United Club was weak with its free offerings. (It still is) Pretzel mix, cookies, and fruit. That's it. Decor is nice.


Super bright and airy, very modern decor with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the commuter tarmac. Food for sale looked fresh, agents were friendly.


Newly renovated lounge is bright, beautiful, clean, chic.


Works for me every time I need it.


Not the most amenity-rich lounge, but worth a stop to see the design direction of the club overhauls taking place over the next few years. Separate quiet room w/ loungers: perfect for naps.

Curt Anderson

Better than the other AA lounge in h/k. This one is more recently renovated, brighter, and smaller (though less busy) than its larger sibling. The food is similar between them.


I like this lounge better than the huge flagship. It's nice and quiet (at least in the morning). Simple food and beverage - but the main thing is that it's clean and professional!


Better than h slash k one. Not bad.


Lounge was closed on July 7, 2015, so went to the one near H8.


New furniture, same boring snacks, and mostly helpful staff. Least helpful (and first rude) concierge I've met works here. Another concierge had to come to my rescue and took care of my flight needs.


Nice and quiet, out of the way.

ben spicer

Fresh and clean lounge. Good Tarmac views and lots of seating options. Poor food selection (9am) and food for purchase in a lounge is close to a disgrace. Free bagels were decent though.


Great lounge. Refreshed look. Nice work tables.


White shiny modern tabletops/chairs give this place an airy feel. Food selection is on the smaller side and the lounge itself is also on the smart side. Not bad as long as everyone else keeps quiet.


Very mixed on military access here, almost like they don't have a policy at all, you should be able to go in according to hq, but they want you to go to the USO.


Great staff, lots of seats and clean bathrooms.


Quiet and bright lounge if you're lucky with the sun hitting the big windows. Lounge looks renovated with good furniture and modern restrooms. Standard breakfast you will find at all AA lounges.


It gets crowded really fast. It's one of the smaller ones but pretty nice.


Reasonable enough. Self service fountain drinks are always nice. Bright and airy. Good place to hang for a few minutes before connecting flight.

Billy Boy

It's nice inside and has comfy seating, but virtually had no free food options in the late afternoon - only paid options. Better than sitting at the gate at least.


Smaller but a bit more stylish and clean than the other American lounge. Reviews say has private rooms to lounge in but I couldn't find them. That's probably old info from before the remodel.


Very aesthetically pleasing lounge. American did a great job with the renovations. Great view of the tarmac with plenty of electrical outlets. Complimentary food selection is decent.


Very small. Limited food options. Extremely dirty when I arrived even though it was heavily staffed and not crowded. Front desk staff was friendly. Bar staff horrendous. Ignored me multiple times.


Nice comfortable lounge with good views of the tarmac. Standard lounge food and drink. Definitely worth a stop!


Nice upgraded AA lounge with excellent Tarmac views. Great soup as always and friendly staff.


Bright, clean, spacious, obviously renovated. Wish there were more food options. Soup, crackers, cheese, veggies, cookies. That's it.


Notwithstanding that this is a run of the mill AA lounge, the service I get here is consistently above average when compared to others.


Nice, clean, lots of light and not crowded on a Sunday afternoon. Lots of electrical plugs. Basic food and beverage, but typical for a domestic US lounge.


Also in Terminal 3, Concourse G

This is the only lounge in Terminal 3, Concourse G
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