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Alaska Airlines Alaska Lounge

Concourse D (inside security) - Open Now

Editor's Note

The spirit of the majestic Pacific Northwest thrives at this flagship oasis. Your two-level haven to get away from it all comes with award-winning views of the runway, a full bar, and fast Wi-Fi. That’s all on top of the friendliest staff, complimentary Starbucks coffee, and an unlimited supply of delicious pancakes. Conveniently located in Concourse D, less than 5 minutes away from Concourse C.

NOTE: Closed on Christmas Day. Limited hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult. Alcoholic drinks are limited to three per adult.

NOTE: Priority Pass and other lounge membership cardholders are limited to 2 guests or immediate family, and all cardholders and guests are required to show a boarding pass with confirmed same-day travel for access to the lounge.

Lounge Amenities

Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Conference Rooms (Paid)Conference Rooms(Paid)
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals


Very friendly and convenient. Also, complimentary drinks. I did an afternoon visit, so I've missed the pancakes. Alaska is an excellent airline, especially if you are going to or from Sea-Tac.


I absolutely loved my time in this lounge. Literally perfect.


This is a great domestic lounge. Come here for some peace and quiet.


This is a wonderful lounge with great amenities and very friendly service. Tons of space to spread out and a wide variety of snacks and drinks, including alcohol.


I love the rustic ski lodge vibe! Very welcoming. I spent a couple hours in a comfortable chair next to the can hardly beat that!

Curt Anderson

This lounge has a super friendly staff, a great view of the airport, and lots of yummy food and drink options.

Michael G

Better selection of complimentary snack and drinks than most domestic lounges. The staff are very polite and friendly. Lounge can get crowded as it's a little small. Bartenders do not accept tips!


Excellent breakfast options. Pancake machine is cool! Peace and quiet from the busy terminal.


This is a quality lounge that's unfortunately a bit small for the amount of passengers here. The staff is super friendly.


This was my go to lounge for years. Great service, excellent amenities and it's comfortable. If you're on an Alaskan flight, this one is good; otherwise. the AMEX Centurion Lounge is the way to go.

Graham Clark

I stayed here instead of at the United Club; like the airline, it offers far better service even though the products can be similar. I really enjoyed the pancake machine!


Pretty nice lounge with separate social and business areas so you can choose to be chatty or quiet. Agents here are MUCH more helpful than the agents just outside the door in "customer service".


Nice and comfortable place to get away from all the hustle of the airport.


Solid bilevel domestic lounge - stay at the lower level for quiet.


I had a couple hours to spend in this lounge & definitely enjoyed my time downstairs (upstairs was packed). Had a view, a plug in, soup & coffee. Somewhat dated but friendly staff & a relaxing spot.


Lounge is quite busy and needs to be larger for the amount of people that it serves. Snacks aren't that great. At the time of this review, the coffee and pancake machine were not in working order.


This lounge has good food and drinks plus a nice espresso drink machine. Lounge has two levels but not enough seating. Feels a bit cramped and very little privacy.


Predictably good. 3 comp'd drinks. Enjoyed 2 cups of Ivar's clam chowder tonight (yum). Spinach & cheese bar was good. PP users-if not flying AS, make sure you have a way to monitor your flt status.


Though they're not the best pancakes in the world, this lounge has pancakes!


Just ok. Nice room but crowded upstairs, no bottled water.


Good option if you have a Priority Pass. This lounge is among the largest at SeaTac. 2 floors with the 2nd floor housing the alcoholic options. Great views with nice, modern furniture.


Loved the self-serve Starbucks machine, with syrups and other fixins! Food was salad, soup, bagels & pastries. Salad was good & soup was OK. The club has plenty of windows. A sign limits to 3 drinks.


Great domestic lounge. Staff extremely nice and friendly. Fresh made pancakes for breakfast are a must have. Starbucks Coffee, oatmeal, dry cereal are also available. Killer Bloody Mary's!

Philip Maxson

Alaska Air is a class act and their lounges are no different.


A bit busier yet bigger than the other lounge that I regularly visit. Love the pancake machine!

Rowenn Monill

Food options seem to be slipping, otherwise a nice lounge. Can be very crowded.


Small but clean, great staff, very busy, need larger lounge.


Quiet and a good spot to chill when connecting.


Love the pancake machine. Newly installed plugs at every seat are a win.


Somewhat underwhelmed. While staff was amazing, the lounge seemed a bit unkempt. The pancake maker was cool but the other food options weren't great. Worth a detour but to expect to be in awe.


2nd floor - pancake machine, nice.


A little dated, but great people and food/drinks.


Soup, salad, chips and salsa and a full bar. Not much more food than the Delta Skyclub but a nice change of pace.


As with all AS lounge, this lounge is great. Come here for all that you would expect from an airport lounge.


Crowded. Very crowded. Coffee machine is awesome. Make your own Starbucks complete with chocolate sauce and flavoring. Pancake machine is a nice touch.


Great lounge! Has awesome service and is well designed. Only wish the TVs were shown in HD - this helps when waiting for your flight during a big football game!


This lounge has a minimal salad bar and some soup at times.


Friendly lounge. Standard food-soup great-skip pancake. Always busy upstairs. Downstairs quiet and open-much more relaxing. Conveniently located.


First time here. I liked it. Friendly service. Lactose free yogurts, which I have never seen in lounges. Great espresso machine. Quite spacious. A bit noisy.

Rainer Fuchs

Best soup and lunch around! Great facilities!


For a domestic U.S. lounge, this is a solid lounge worth stopping by. Pancake machine in the morning is great, soup and salad in the afternoon. New coffee machine on the first floor is a nice update.


Large 2-story lounge. Limited food options (soup, crackers, salad). But plenty of seating including workspaces. Free alcohol (3 drink limit) upstairs makes this lounge a winner.


A nice, comfortable lounge to get sound peace and quiet between flights. The staff is friendly and the chairs are comfortable. Big fan of the pancake machine upstairs haha.

cameron white

Two levels, nice soup and food options, very nice decor with Chiluly glass work and Alaskan photos. Comfy if a bit crowded.


Split level lounge that wasn't too busy for my visit late on a Saturday night. Not much in the way of snacks but the bar was open. Great views of that is your thing and wifi to help pass the time away.


Good quality domestic lounge. Centrally located just past security. Friendly staff. Two levels. Bar is a service window upstairs. Try the pancakes if you're there in the morning.


Between Centurion and The Club, this is the worst. I do like the pancakes and salad bar but the drink quality is the worst out of all 3 clubs.


Meh overall. Nice views, decorated fancy, but lots of chairs crammed in and busy. Food selection is weak, but they have a full bar.


Would never pay to enter. Used Priority Pass Select. Had 2 hours before my flight. Extremely limited amenities. Slow wifi. Staff are friendly and work hard to restock food and clear tables.


This was my 1st lounge experience and I liked it. The receptionist was very friendly and made me feel welcome. Upstairs barely opened before I had to depart but it looked nice. Quiet and clean.

Jennifer Howard

Staff was very friendly, lounge gets a lot of traffic, food was pretty good as well as the drink pour. Will go back again.


Really low snack choices. Salad bar consists of a bowl with few spinach leafs left and some dressing.


These guys saved my butt after Delta gate checked my bag. Called First check in to get me back in after I went to retrieve it from baggage claim. Otherwise, normal phenomenal AS Boardroom food.

Kira Campbell

Cosy downstairs and very busy when I was there. Nice selection of beverages and food and the staff were very welcoming. In all I would use again.


Friendly staff and lovely Starbucks espresso machine, but limited food choices and worn out chairs. Second floor has the booze and a nice view of the taxi-way. About 75% full on a Wednesday at 10am.


Very small and extremely crowded. Breakfast offerings were pretty limited.


No Priority Pass allowed at this time. Too busy.

Drew Bach

Priority Pass turned away. So disappointing.


Nice lounge. Upstairs has food and downstairs is extra seating. Good views of tarmac and good snacks.


Worst lounge ever. Priority Pass got rejected to bring guest over. Worst!!!


Worn down lounge with many patrons and standard food and drink choices. Staff is wonderful but hard product needs a refresh this year.


Priority Pass denied due to space constraints.


Denied entry with 1 guest under Priority Pass.


Great beer and wine selection inc. sparking, food for basic breakfast (bagels, oatmeal, pancakes, toast, hard boiled eggs), friendly staff. They were not allowing Priority Pass guests at the time.


Denied access today due to being too crowded. Use Concourse A Club at SEA instead. Pleasant, quiet, nice snacks. Simple.


Great lounge, but as I was stretched out taking a nap after, a red eye the "laying down police" paid me a visit. You have to sit up and sleep with one eye open.


Half empty but no access to Priority Pass?? Why??


Got rejected due to capacity. They're not full but they want to reserve room for first class passengers.


Got in with PPS at 9PM. Lounge had already emptied out its food offerings leaving only seating and free coffee/soda. Quiet, but open floor plan makes it seem like it could get noisy when busy.


Front desk staff was very rude.


Getting really tired of being rejected at this lounge. Am occasionally let in with Priority Pass but rejected the last 3 times I’ve tried to access it, despite obvious availability in the space.


Have always had a great experience with the staff here. They don’t accept tips, which is really thoughtful. Food is always clean and stocked.


They allegedly take priority pass but they’ve rejected me dozens of times and let me in once.


This lounge was so crowded when I was here, that I might as well have been at the gates. The pancakes were so-so.

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SEA: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Concourse D (inside security)

After the Central Security Checkpoint, turn right and proceed to the entrance located just before Gate D1.

Show travel time from other terminals

Opening Hours

monday:5:00am - 12:00am
tuesday:5:00am - 12:00am
wednesday:5:00am - 12:00am
thursday:5:00am - 12:00am
friday:5:00am - 12:00am
saturday:5:00am - 12:00am
sunday:5:00am - 12:00am

Also in Concourse D

This is the only lounge in Concourse D.
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